A carefully curated box of quilting goodies, just for you!

For $46.95 a month

Satisfy Your Quilter's Craving

We are now selling our November boxes curated by Vanessa Goertzen of Lella Boutique!  

Quilters Candy Box is an experience unlike any other!  From the moment your box arrives until you have unpacked the last item, you will love the detail given to every box and the carefully chosen items.  It's easy to subscribe, and you can cancel at any time!                  


1. Sign Up!

Click on the GET STARTED button. It's easy, and you can cancel at any time!

2. Get Excited!

Your box will ship near the 15th of each month. If you subscribe before the 11th of the month, you will receive that month's box.* If you subscribe on or after the 11th, you will receive the following month's box. Subscriptions renew the 25th of each month.

*If a particular month has sold out before the 11th of the month, we will post this on our website so you will be aware that you will be receiving the following month's box.

3. Open Your Box!

The best part!  When your box is delivered to you, open and enjoy!  Don't forget to post photos using our monthly hashtag for a chance to win the following month's box free!  See 'past winners' for more details.

This gorgeous, carefully curated selection of goodies are all things that I would want to splurge on, but probably wouldn't come across in my day-to-day purchases.           

Melissa LeRay of ohhowsweet.com

Have you heard of Quilters Candy Box? Let me break it down – basically, it's two super sweet ladies who never forget your birthday and ALWAYS send you exactly what you want. Also, your birthday is every month. It's total party mail!           

Suzy from suzyquilts.com

What a wonderful parcel to receive from Quilters Candy Box. Their subscription boxes are a fantastic idea filled with great Quilty  goodies.           

Jemima Flendt from tiedwitharibbon.com

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How often will I get a box?

You will receive a new box of goodies once a month.  Boxes ship near the 15th of the month.  If at any time you need to cancel, it's simple!  Just come back to our website and cancel your subscription.  

Can I give a gift?

Definitely!  When checking out, simply click the 'This Is A Gift' button.   

When will I be billed? 

When you first subscribe, you will be billed the day you subscribe.  After that, every customer is billed on the 25th of the month.  If you cancel your subscription before the 25th of the month, you will not receive or be billed for the following month's box.  If you cancel after the 25th, you will receive the following month's box.